Cook Up A Storm with Pam Lillis

Lillis5-3512      Hi I’m Pam!

Please join me as we Cook Up A Storm ….yes, Storm is my maiden name, so there you have it!

I am a Master Preserver, Culinary Instructor & Home Chef teaching all methods of Canning and Preserving.

As a Master Preserver, I love to teach my students to preserve real organic fruits and vegetables to enjoy year round. Whether you are interested in jams, pickles, tomatoes ,or any of the bounty from each season, small batch canning is easy to learn.

I received my certification as a Master Preserver through the Cornell University Cooperative Extension in NY State. In addition, I am a certified Nutritional Health Coach and graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

Preserving methods include Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating, Fermenting, and Infusing. I have some great classes making delicious and nutritious recipes that with last and that have wonderful health benefits as well. My classes always cover Food Safety to assure that the foods remain perfect. My approach is with an eye towards great nutrition & cooking as pleasure- not pressure!

My classes run throughout the year at Pop Up Events, Cooking Schools, Restaurants, and pretty much anywhere that has a kitchen!I love teaching at many of the nonprofit Farm Kitchens to advance the movement of preserving local and organic produce- and we have fun doing it! I’m a Healthy Cooking Instructor as well, having studied Indian Vegetarian Cooking and Japanese Cooking while living in Tokyo. Everything we make in class is with your best health in mind.Eating seasonally has never tasted so good!



As we  learn new recipes, we will take on new  foods and flavor challenges. We explore amazing recipes  that integrate the ingredients  and tastes that you love .We approach food as a necessity and a passion. Let’s lighten up! Come along and enjoy eating again (always with a nod to your health) Equipment and recipes are provided

as Always, Food Safety is our priority…so let’s fill some jars and get started!

*Click above Cooking Classes  to see 2020 class descriptions, locations, and registration links.

If you are a Chef in a restaurant, culinary shop or school, please call me , I’d love to work with you!





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