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Lillis5-3512     Hi I’m Pam

I am a certified Master Preserver, Culinary Instructor & Home Chef specializing in all methods of Canning and Preserving. Please join me for my classes at local schools, farm kitchens, and culinary centers near you!

In addition, I can be found at local farm stands and farmer’s markets selecting the best produce of every season.. bringing them to my Westport kitchen. Thats where the magic happens in the copper pots of my small batch homemade Pam’s Jams!

2022 Canning Classes are back ! Just in time for the Spring & Summer bounty of fruits and veggies here in Connecticut

My classes run throughout the year at Pop Up Events, Cooking Schools, Restaurants, and pretty much anywhere that has a kitchen!I love teaching at many of the nonprofit Farm Kitchens to advance the movement of preserving local and organic produce- and we have fun doing it! I’m a Healthy Cooking Instructor as well, having studied Indian Vegetarian Cooking and Japanese Cooking while living in Tokyo. Everything we make in class is with your best health in mind.Eating seasonally has never tasted so good!

What do you say we Cook Up A Storm together?

As a Master Preserver, I love to teach my students to preserve real organic fruits and vegetables to enjoy year round. Whether you are interested in jams, pickles, tomatoes ,or any of the bounty from each season, small batch canning is easy to learn.

I received my certification as a Master Preserver through the Cornell University Cooperative Extension in NY State. In addition, I am a certified Nutritional Health Coach and graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

Preserving methods include Canning, Freezing, Dehydrating, Fermenting, and Infusing. I have some great classes making delicious and nutritious recipes that with last and that have wonderful health benefits as well. My classes always cover Food Safety to assure that the foods remain perfect. My approach is with an eye towards great nutrition & cooking as pleasure- not pressure!

Canning & Preserving is Slow Food in a good way!


as Always, Food Safety is our priority…so let’s fill some jars and get started!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

  1. pslillis says:

    Hi Debbie! I just emailed you back!
    Thanks for your note !
    Because I am out of town (Westport) until Tuesday the 21st I’m doing orders by email/ then porch pick up at my house
    If that’s not too late for you I’ll send you a list of available flavors 🙂

  2. Deborah A Studwell says:

    Hi, I was on FB this morning and went down a rabbit hole, as I always do, and found your page. What a surprise. I hope you and Casey are well. I am in Saratoga, NY now. I had found a perfect balance of US life with lots of travel, until March 2020. Now, I wait patiently, and make the best of life in Saratoga. Your jams look and sound delicious.

  3. pslillis says:

    Omigosh! It is absolutely wonderful to hear from you! I will email you later- love Saratoga and all is well here but as you have suspected – Casey and all those darn kids grew up!
    Thanks for reaching out
    XO Pam

  4. Celeste J Mattina says:

    Hi! I heard about you from a milk street fb subscriber, and chose a number of products, but I couldn’t figure out how to access the cart for payment and shipping info. Do you ship (to Philadelphia Pa) and how do I go about placing an order for shipment. Also, any wait list on sold out products? Many thanks,

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