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Not to rush into fall, but today IS a rainy day, and thoughts turn to September. Around here that means Back to School!

For those of us who aren’t IN school, what is September all about? I tend to think that summer places are best in September, that we’ll stay on the shore, or enjoy the pool, but things just get busy. We tend to trade in those blissful thoughts for routines and sweaters. Maybe it’s living in the northeast, where the weather, seasonal activities, clothes, and foods are so much a part of what defines our year. Sometimes it seems that all we do is organize our closets! Today I’ll tell you about what’s happening here in September, then I’m getting back to my knitting and August in general!

This year I will be traveling in the late fall, so I am preparing for classes and signing up clients now- I’m ready for the “back to school” season so feel free to contact me by email at Until then you can find me at the farmstand or the beach, remembering that this weather should be enjoyed…everyday of it!

To register for my evening classes at Wilton High School’s culinary arts room :

The next session of ‘Navigating Nutrition’ Health and Wellness Program (4 or 6 week option) starts the week of September 1st. Get back to basics and reach your goals by Halloween!

  • Please note: *New offering- The “One and Done Session”.  See CLASSES on for details
  • Food Lit Book Group meets Tuesday, September 1st 11am-12pm at Wilton Library. To register:

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