Grasping For Straws

IMG_4773.JPGSeptember feels like new beginnings. It all started with school clothes and classroom supplies, pencils and glue….

That feeling has stayed with most of us throughout the years, and as exciting as it is, I suspect that I’m not the only one who is kind of glad that I have never had to actually go to school with my kids!

Kids or no kids, September starts for all of us nonetheless. It brings with it a desire to get back to our routines, and especially to feel good about ourselves.

Yoga, cycling, walking the dog, golf, tennis, swimming.Watching the sun go down. Stargazing.

Ice cream, cocktails, seafood, farm stands, home baked berry pie, cheese and crackers, lobsters & butter, s’mores….

And now…grasping for straws

I think that we all want to enjoy the tastes of summer. I think that most of us should feel blessed that we have.

Almost ten years ago I stopped “dieting”.  I will share that I have never looked back. I have never been so free in terms of what I eat.Thinking about food 24/7 was a burden!  Lighten your load…Maybe this is the year that you make those small changes and stop trying the latest trend. Invest the time in figuring out what’s right for you and you alone.

We change with the seasons.You haven’t done anything wrong.  Be your best self and get back to what you love to do and eat now…keep it real, watch your portions…

(and maybe skip the ice cream)




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