Why Preserve?

IMG_1840Yes, it’s a little messy. Yes, it takes a lot of fruit and veggies, but no, it doesn’t really take much time.And it’s fun if you don’t  make it overwhelming by making too much.


I call my jams, compotes, and sauces the ultimate convenience foods! Unexpected guests? Grab a jar of one of these… it’s homemade and will never fail to impress!

Jam with cheeses and bread

Compotes served warm with a dollop of cream or yogurt for dessert or on oatmeal at breakfast

Pureed Roasted August Tomatoes tossed with pasta

These are the foods that  I’m talking about! I know that it’s “the end of the season” here in the northeast…but don’t forget apples, figs, persimmon, citrus, cranberry, ginger, just too many to name here..are delicious now, and even more delicious during a snowstorm, when you, yes- YOU serve them , because you already made something yummy when they were here and fresh. You’ll close your eyes and imagine that it’s fall….while the rest of your family looks on in awe. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 



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