Monday Morning Beginning


If you are like most people, you probably have great intentions for healthy eating and drinking each Monday morning. Have you tried the idea of starting a new routine late day? Mornings are easy- we’re well rested & busy, and some of us cook at home and bring our lunch to work …but as the day goes on…you know what happens!

I have the secret (and it’s not very complicated).Eat more food! If you are “starting” to be “good” each morning you may be having a light breakfast, then a salad, then a coffee(is this you?) and by 4pm you are so HUNGRY!!! And so, something with sugar, something with caffeine, something to make it to the dinner hour.

So instead, think of a fresh start @ 4pm! Think fruit, herbal tea or green tea if you need the boost. Love oatmeal? Have that. Egg wrap? It’s high protein.A piece of toast? Yes, toast…trending in cool places everywhere!

Be happy knowing that you’ve started and finished your day feeling satisfied.


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