Architects of Jam

I love my kitchen, I live my kitchen. It’s me.2P4A7556.jpg

When we longingly gazed out our little bay window we often said “wouldn’t it be nice to see the whole yard? Its so green! So many birds! So peaceful! Then we made coffee and forgot about it. Until one day when we said (out loud)..what if we made this wall all windows? So it began….

Fast forward to today…

Just as one loves the obstetrician who hands over the baby, the baker who bakes the bread, the builder who hammers the nails…so too it is possible to love the design teams who listen and make a dream a reality…and become friends in the process.

My next few posts will chronicle the day Louise Brooks and Vincent Falotico & the team ( came to learn to preserve at and see just what comes out of the kitchens that they design and real people use…oh yeah, and what counters really look like when there’s a lot of crap on them!

Disclaimer: However stylish, wearing white pants around strawberries is not recommended. This was done in a closed course, not recommended on the open road.



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