Pams Jams Stand

2020 Need I Say More?

A full calendar of cancelled classes sends me to the kitchen every morning for some jam therapy.

How has today’s pandemic resulted in something positive? I have time. I fill that time with finding the best of local fruits. I’ve indulged my love of canning and preserving for family & friends..and now I have a lot of Seasonal Jams to (finally) sell…all of which makes me happy and I think you can taste that in a food.

I’m a Small Fry, starting small at a small business with direct sales at small tables at pop up shops with protocols for distancing in place or You can order online and I’ll meet you for some small talk, and deliver delicious small batches of my homemade local low sugar Pams Jams.

Yes, I keep ‘MY POD’ small as well!

That’s 2020

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