About Pams Jams

& What the heck is “Cook Up A Storm”?

Grab ‘n Go PBJ

All of my Award Winning Jams are low sugar, sourced locally when possible , made to let the flavor of each fruit shine & enhanced with the natural flavors you’ll crave. All Pams Jams are canned, sealed, and shelf stable for one year..making them easy to store and wonderful to gift! Be assured, many times the fruit is organic, or picked by me in the orchards of Connecticut and Rhode Island in season. When using fruit from other regions (i.e. pineapple, kiwi, etc) I assure you that the highest quality of at all will always be selected. I won’t skimp!

Curbside deliveries & pickup locations in Westport and surrounding areas

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Select your jams and pay online. We will arrange delivery via email . Please let me know if you need “emergency jams” right away, otherwise we’ll give the above procedure a try.

As always, special orders of larger quantities can be ordered directly by emailing me at ps.lillis@gmail.com

Cook Up A Storm LLC:

All of my Canning & Preserving Classes are encompassed under this entity.

Learn to Preserve and take the stress out of cooking!


Please find me on Instagram, cooking up a storm – and planning the best & easiest way to get them to you!