Master Food Preserver, Cooking Instructor, and certified Nutritional Health Coach,  I am a passionate believer in the power of small changes to build a healthful life.

I have a college background in Education & was awarded the designation of Master Food Preserver through the Cornell University Extension Service based in Ithaca, New York. I approach health and wellness as a personalized journey with a focus on making the best nutritional choices for you and your family.  My goal is to give you the confidence to prepare foods that are good- and good for you!

I recognize that culinary instruction and demonstration in the kitchen can enhance the total health experience and create a recipe for a success. We work individually or in a group to design practical culinary management, prepare delicious recipes, and have fun in the kitchen! 

As a Master Preserver, I love to teach my students to preserve real organic fruits and vegetables to enjoy year round. Whether you are interested in jams,pickles,tomatoes ,or any of the bounty from each season, small batch canning is easy to learn. Food safety is our priority…so let’s fill some jars and get started!