Pams Jam Stand

I’ve indulged my love of canning and preserving for family & friends, and YOU..and now I have a lot of Seasonal Jams to sell…all of which makes me happy and I think you can taste that in a food.

I’m a Small Fry, with a small business- I make direct sales at small tables at pop up shops. All my Jams are made with the freshest fruit imaginable. Or….I’ll meet you for some small talk, and deliver delicious small batches of my homemade local jams with a small amount of sugar

Welcome to Pams Jams.

as always, email me with questions and special requests


Pams Jams Stand

2020 Need I Say More? A full calendar of cancelled classes sends me to the kitchen every morning for some jam therapy. How has today’s pandemic resulted in something positive? I have time. I fill that time with finding the best of local fruits. I’ve indulged my love of canning and preserving for family &…

Hey! I’m in a Cookbook!

Thank you to Stephanie Thurow for including one of my most favorite recipes for Apricot Cardamom Jam  her new book Weck Canning and Preserving! Yes, those ARE the most beautiful jars ever! And Stephanie’s book takes the mystery out of the method! So easy even I can do it! I’ve got my copy – but don’t…

This Fall’s Award Winning Chili

Years ago I declared war on the pizza problem…it’s everywhere! Great pizza,ok pizza, bad pizza…for birthdays, team dinners, and after parties. If you’ve got kids, work in an office, or spend your life in a car… it’s a problem! Or at least it was for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that when…

Architects of Jam

I love my kitchen, I live my kitchen. It’s me. When we longingly gazed out our little bay window we often said “wouldn’t it be nice to see the whole yard? Its so green! So many birds! So peaceful! Then we made coffee and forgot about it. Until one day when we said (out loud)..what…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Pam. Previously a Nutritional Health Coach, I became a full-time Culinary Instructor and Master Preserver in 2015. I spend most of my time with my copper preserving pots & teaching canning and preserving throughout New England but this spot is for my love of making low sugar Pams Jams and sharing them with you!

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