a true story

Once upon a time, in the land of Maine, there was a Pie Lady.

This lady made the most delicious pies in the land.

People came from far and wide – because they had heard from friends- and friends of friends- about The Pie Lady. And they knew where she lived.

They knocked on the door of The Pie Lady mid-morning, because she worked very hard, and slept a little late.

The Pie Lady gave them a few choices of the fresh pies that she had made, and they always took at least one or two, because they were amazingly good & then they could go to the beach and have a lobster roll & homemade pie for dinner.

The people paid The Pie Lady and never worried because the pies weren’t too expensive.

Someday, I want to be just like The Pie Lady

with JAM (and Venmo)

The End

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