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DIY Fire Cider Workshop

Sunday, January 22 11am-12:30 pm 

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Wakeman Town Farm Westport,Ct




Thursday, January 27th 6:30 pm DIY Fire Cider Workshop  @Wakeman Town Farm

Westport, Ct . to register: 


Upcoming Fall / Winter Classes at Wilton Continuing Education (WHS) Wilton, CT- location: Middlebrook School Culinary Kitchen

Tuesday, 9/14    Canning Tomatoes  6:15- 8:30pm *SOLD OUT AND WAS SUPER FUN

Thursday, 9/23 Preserving The Bounty: Introduction to Small Batch Canning      6:15-8:30pm *THIS ONE IS OVER

Tuesday, 10/19 Jam Session- (Spiced Plum Jam) & Hot Water Bath Canning                  6:15- 8:30pm

Tuesday 11/9    Preserving Thanksgiving (Apple Pie Filling & Cranberry Compote)     6:15- 8:30pm

Registration link belowor request catalog from Wilton Continuing Ed

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In addition, please contact me to book any of these classes…. anytime of year:

Are you an individual, group, or club interested in booking a Private Class? Are you a Farm, School, or Organization WITH a Kitchen?

Garden Club? Grange? Farm? Sustainability or Homesteading Group?

Maybe you are a Restaurant  Owner who has a rocking‘ preserve or sauce &  would like to train kitchen staff in methods of preservation (think jars of things made in advance)I’m Programming & Scheduling limited dates for 2022-2023 has started!

Please contact me… I’d love to teach you! 

 Ideas for Groups:

Community Jam:  Perfect for groups, clubs, and  non-profit organizations. This is a loosely organized get-together in which  I am your fearless leader. We combine continuous demonstration with a little hands on  for interested foodies, and a  tasting for all. A little social,  a little work! Let’s get together and make something good. Creatively personalized for your needs.

Canning Under Pressure : Introduction to Pressure Canning :Innovative and fun for those ready to take it up a notch! Pressure canners make it all very easy. We’ll can and preserve low acid vegetables and recipes with no stress. Food safety fully covered. “hands-on” class participation /Take away 2 Jars of “Best of Season” Recipes

Love Your Health: Infused Oils & Dark Chocolate Almond Bark ◊Heart healthy Omega 3’s and flavonoids come together to form a healthy luxury that ‘s not so bad for your health, and known to enhance your mood! We’ll learn how to make basil oil, and move on to individually designed organic chocolate bark. *Perfect for Valentines Day!

Marmalades (WINTER): 

 Marmalade season is upon us! Now arriving: beautiful, exciting citrus! Marmalades are best made in a group, a little extra work, but worth it! We are ready to preserve it for the year ahead.Your toast will reach new (and very British) heights! Takeaway 1 jar

Preserving The Bounty (SEASONAL CHANGES)

Introduction to small batch hot water bath canning. This class covers food safety  and general procedures for a successful seal every time! This is a “hands-on” class with each participant taking home freshly made jars of seasonal goodness- plus recipes. (Ingredients vary by season).We will preserve a jam & a pickled veggie.

Summer Cheeseboards & Picnics (JUNE)

Imagine rolling off a beach or onto a picnic blanket in your own backyard and having the perfect repast…just by grabbing jars of your own lovely homemade pickles, jams, and condiments, just add cheese and bread (and thou)!A fun class that will prepare you for those lazy days of summer. Life’s too short to rush home to cook! Perfect for hosting  without hassle!

Past Classes:

The Perfect Pair : Scones & Jam- ‘Team Teach’ with Sheryl Mascarinas of New Canaan Cooking and Baking

2 Instructors / Jam making* & scone baking from scratch/ Fun in the Kitchen- Stay tuned this class will most definitely sell out. Registration soon! Take away one jar of best of season jam and some scones for breakfast!

*note: this is not a canning class 

Pickles & Jam – ‘Team Teach’ with Jane Costello of Jane’s Good Food 

2 Instructors  Part Jam Class & part Pickle Class… learn to preserve and hot water bath can and have fun in the kitchen! Stay tuned this class will most definitely sell out. Registration soon! Take away 1 best of season Jam & Pickles (2 jars)CANCELLED DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS

Slow Jam Session: These jams take a little more time & can be a little more complex. We will not use added pectin, but learn to test for desired consistency. You will learn some tricks for infusing flavors into jam, and creating an artisanal product. Let’s get creative.Takeaway 2 jars.

Summer Tomatoes and Salsas (AUGUST_SEPTEMBER) : In this class we’re doing everything tomato! Recipes include Original Gazpacho Salsa & Roasted Tomato Puree. You’ll also learn  how to can whole or diced tomatoes to enjoy all winter long.Takeaway 2 jars.

Infusion Workshop: Vinegars & Shrubs.Learn to make your own herb infused  oils for dipping and recipes. Create flavored vinegars that are not only delicious,but beautiful to look at, and explore fruit shrubs and Fire Cider in creative combinations for cocktails and mocktails! Leave with one bottle of each.Great for home gardeners, garden clubs,and gift giving.


Canning 102: “Yes, I Can!”: Do you know how to can? Need a refresher? Would you like to experiment with new flavor trends and foods safely? This is not your grandmother’s kitchen (although I love your grandmother).Let’s get started right away…you already know the basics! Recipes vary. Takeaway 2 jars.


Your  Nutritious & Delicious Pantry – 

In this class we will learn to make easy  condiments and salsas that compliment cheese platters and casual meals. We will also prepare a crowd pleasing main for any summer evening and talk about food strategies for keeping yourself healthy and happy. Learn to cook- and take a break!

 Edible Gifts (session 1) : When Life Gives You Lemons: Preserved Lemons & Lemon Shrub made by YOU and packaged for gifting.Takeaway 2.              ( 3 hours)

Edible Gifts (session 2) Easy Dessert Sauces: Vanilla Bourbon Caramel Sauce & Orange Cardamom Curd  made by YOU  and packaged for gifting. Takeaway 2  (3 hours)

Edible Gifts for The Holidays:  The time for giving is upon us! This hands-on workshop is right on time for little gifts of your own homemade small batch jams. Learn to make jewel- like jams in little jars to gift or serve at your holiday table. Takeaway 2 jars packaged for gifting, and the confidence to DIY!

Fall/ Winter Jam Session:Winter flavors of delicious  fruits are more complex, more comforting! Learn to make a jam and a chutney for toast, cheeses,and meats.Recipes using the best of the season become favorites as we explore fresh flavor profiles . Canning methods and food safety included.Takeaway 2 jars  (3 hours)

Bread Puddings 101 ◊Real Food For Entertaining + How to make caramel sauce.Make and take individual bread puddings and sauces (Salted Caramel & Lemon Curd)We add healthy seeds, fresh fruit,and whole grains without turning everything too “crunchy”! Learn to make these puddings and impress friends and family. It’s easier than you think!


Sushi Rolling –Welcome to Japan! Introduction to sushi and how to put it together with healthy lunch combos for children & adults. BYO lunch the healthy way!

Indian Vegetarian Cooking*  – Biryani,Palak Paneer, and Lentil Dal                                                                    Explore the spices of the silk  road and prepare healthy and delicious Indian vegetarian recipes.You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love this food  . 

New to Cooking:

Cooking on your Own ◊ (discounted class for singles over 21) Have a new Apartment? Job? Life?  Want to learn the basics? Congratulations! We discuss food safety & storage, shopping and pantry basics, easy cooking methods, & make tons of easy recipes for any diet. You’ll leave with a toolbox of ideas for even the busiest person! Great for college grads,  new roommates, and newlyweds.

Curious?Have you something that you would like to learn In the Kitchen? Let me know and we’ll design your very own class!I

I am located in Westport Connecticut …but have kitchen? Will travel!

The Jam Maker & The Baker

Sunday April 3 2pm-4:30pm

Scones & Jam at Wakeman Town Farm

Westport CT