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Like great Jam?
I’m Here For You!
Happy New Year & Thank You from the bottom of my heart for for A great year! My jams found a home at tables near and far. They were gifts, and goodies…and staples! Please don’t worry… There are still summer and fall flavors in stock!

Pams Jams orders are “Porch Pick-Up’ in Westport, Connecticut or locally delivered on weekly basis most Fridays- Don’t worry, we can work it out! ps.lillis@gmail.com

Order & Pay online via paypal or email me at pamlillis.health@gmail.com with ‘JAM’ in the subject line with your order- Yes! I accept Venmo in person!

All Jars 4oz ($7) unless otherwise noted

Limited Editions: Apple Pie Spiced Vanilla 8oz ($13) or 4oz * Cranberry Orange w/ginger 8oz ($13) or 4oz

Coming soon: As of January 6th- I’m back in the Kitchen!Coming for Winter: A variety of Marmalades & * Pear Jam with Ginger, Vanilla, & Cardamom

See all your favorites listed in “SHOP” on menu

All of my jams are low sugar & locally sourced seasonally…don’t eat store bought! Try Homemade by a Master Preserver (I know what I’m doing) and you’ll be hooked!

The 4oz jars make great little gifts…Brighten someones day! Who doesn’t like Jam?