Kid Soup

IMG_1575My house expands and contracts.

Remaining flexible may be a key to longevity. I had to give up my expectations of perfection the day I came home from Greenwich Hospital with twins, a two year old, and a four year old. A family of six, with any luck, expands to include cousins, friends,and teammates.And it’s a lot of noise, food, laughter and tears.

Then it contracts… they grow up, they go out, they are at school, they move.

As the main person at home, these patterns require quite a bit of flexibility and change. Often times when we’re contracting I’m secretly wishing for expansion, and the opposite,when the opposite occurs. It’s not really nice to say I wish for contraction during expansion ,but who of us can say we haven’t?

Summer is usually a time for the expansion, so bring it on! And oh yeah…remain flexible!

Help! I need a Health Coach!

Yes, I’m eating in my car! Graduations, celebrations, travel… you know the drill. This time of year is a challenge for everyone! What does a Health Coach do when he/she needs a Health Coach?

IMG_1582I get back to basics. I remember the changes that I’ve made, and the things that I’ve tried, and I calm down. I think of myself first, and make sure that the things that are important to my well being don’t get overlooked. College kids back? Do they really mind if I go to the gym? I mean- are they even awake?  Visitors? Don’t they want to feel good too? What’s the worst they could say about you if you keep the food simple, real, and good? Time crunch? I like to make a list…then take at least one thing out of the equation.It’s a gift!

I’m a routine oriented person. Maybe you’re not. Just know yourself, and when you are feeling off balance think like an integrative health coach…..and start your day knowing that you will do the best you can, make the choices that are right for your unique circumstances, and feel good doing it.